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Hi, I’m Tuvia. I’m a Jewish history nerd who lives in Jerusalem and believes in Jesus. If you’re interested in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, how the relationship between Christianity and Judaism has been going along during the past two thousand years, and how Messianic Jews in Israel, like me, navigate the whole identity-crisis that occurs when we *gasp* dare to believe in the Messiah of Israel, then I think you’re going to enjoy my writing.

Some stuff I write is for free – my blog, which is right on this page, and articles about the local Messianic community in Israel at Especially check out my take on whether Christians should study rabbinical litterature or whether we should say Jesus or Yeshua.

Other stuff I write is not for publication yet – but Patreons can get early access to it. I am working on rewriting my first two novels, “The Secret scroll of Magdala.” Anyone who supports me at $10 a month or more gets access to the early drafts.

I do not have representation yet, nor do I have a publisher. I will send out queries and proposals once I feel that the novel is ready for it. If you are an agent or publisher you are very welcome to express interest. Contact me through the contact form or through social media. If I can’t find a publisher I’m happy with, I might eventually self publish.

“The Secret Scroll of Magdala” is a duology of two books. There are 61 chapters in the first book, and another 42 chapters in the second one. They depict Judea about one generation after Jesus. My life-project goal is to write a long series of independent novels of historical fiction that together will span the time of Jesus until modern time. Some of those stories will be stand-alone books that one can read independently, others might be trilogies or duologies. All of them will fit together, as they all depict different descendants of Menachem, the main character of my first book.

Imagine, one story set in ancient Rome. Another one in the Byzantine Empire in the 400s. Another one during the time of the Crusaders. Maybe another one about the Jews in China in the 13th century. One about the writing of the Talmud in the 300s in Babylon. Maybe one about the ancient Ethiopian Christians. Maybe one about the Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. A bunch of stories set during the inquisitions, the exploration age, the holocaust, modern Israel, etc. You can either read them all chronologically, or just pick an era you like and read about that. One thing is for sure. All my books will deal with religion, and the complicated relations between Jews and Christians. They will also all be from my Jewish Christian Evangelical Baptist worldview.

My goal is to have written all of that by 2060.

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