In the beginning was the Word…

What happened after the Bible ended?

Jesus knew that the children of his time would live to see the devastating war of 67-73 AD. Maybe that’s why he said “Let the children come to me.” But what happened to those children later in life?

Menachem is one of them. He is one of the main characters of my debut novel “The Secret Scroll of Magdala,” which will hopefully be published some time in the twenties. (We will need to get used to saying “the twenties” about the 2020s).

My name is Tuvia Pollack, and I am a Messianic Israeli Jewish follower of the Messiah, Yeshua. I live in Jerusalem with wife, four kids, and eight pets (last time I counted). I am also an unpublished writer of Historical Fiction.

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Am I a Jew or a Christian? Both. I am Jewish, and I do believe that Jesus is the Messiah as prophesized by the prophets in the Old Testament. I am the grandson of a holocaust survivor, and 4th generation of Jews who believe in Jesus.

I am currently editing and rewriting my debut novel, hoping to send out queries and proposals to literary agents in the US towards the middle of 2020. I am also trying to blog on this page about once a week about different issues pertaining to my Jewish Christian faith and my history nerdiness. My blog is also regularly published on kehilanews.

I plan to write a number of short stories that I will send out for free to patrons. In the meantime, you can read up on my projects, follow me on social media, and just be a general moral support.

If you are a praying person, don’t pray for my book to be published. Anyone can be published nowadays. Pray that I will find the agent and the publisher that God has already elected, who already are as enthusiastic about this project as I am. Pray for my plans to succeed only if it brings glory to him (God, not the agent).

My goal is to write a long series of independent stories of historical fiction that together will span the time of Jesus until modern time. Some of those stories will be stand-alone books that can be read independently, others might be trilogies or duologies. All of them will fit together, as they all depict different descendants of Menachem, the main character of my first book.

Imagine, one story set in ancient Rome. Another one in the Byzantine Empire in the 400s. Another one during the time of the Crusaders. Maybe another one about the Jews in China in the 13th century. One about the writing of the Talmud in the 300s in Babylon. Maybe one about the ancient Ethiopian Christians. Maybe one about the Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. A bunch of stories set during the inquisitions, the exploration age, the holocaust, modern Israel, etc. You can either read them all chronologically, or just pick an era that you like and read about that. One thing is for sure. All my books will deal with religion, and the complicated relations between Jews and Christians. They will also all be from my Jewish Christian Evangelical Baptist worldview.

My goal is to have written all of that by 2060.

“The Secret Scroll of Magdala” is a duology of two books. So far they are the only books that I have actually written. I am currently working on rewriting them into English. I have ideas and plans drawn out for the following books, and a general idea for the greater arch. The next one, for example, will occur during the reign of emperors Trajan and Hadrian and deal with Rabbi Akiva and the era of the Bar Kochba revolt. I started it already, but have put it on hold for now until I’ve finished the debut.

Between February and June 2019, I allowed people to sign up on a mailing list to read this duology for free. If you did that, you are currently getting two chapters in your email every two weeks or so as I am rewriting. There are a total of 61 chapters in the first book, and another 42 chapters in the second one. If you wish to join the list later than that, be a patreon of $20 a month and up.

I expect that the rewriting of both books will be done by the end of 2020.

I started to write this story in 2015. I have gone through numerous rounds of drafts, edits and test readers. I even hired a professional editor. I have read multiple books on the craft of writing, and I continuously listen to podcasts on writing to learn more and to sharpen my skills.

If you, who are reading this, is a literary agent or publisher and you feel that this is something you’d like to publish – by all means, contact me.

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