Things I’ve Published

I am indeed working on my debut novel. But I have still published a little. It’s not a lot, but at least they are few. Basically, I just made this section to have something to grow from.

Articles for KehilaNews from late 2019, still ongoing
Articles for the Swedish monthly magazine, Shalom Over Israel
Language: Swedish
Release: Continually from 2015 and onwards
Holy Reverence” – a short story which will be published in the anthology “Life, Love and Death.”
Language: Swedish
Publisher: Under the Kite
Release: 2021 or 2022
Government programs for encouraging the production of renewable electricity. Bachelor’s Thesis in Economy, the Open University of Israel.
Language: Hebrew
Release: 2015
I wrote three of the 366 anonymous devotions in “My Brother’s Keeper.” A daily devotional for every day of the year with a unique Middle Eastern perspective.
Language: English, Hebrew and Arabic
Publisher: Bible Society in Israel
Release: 2012
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