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Things Tuvia has Published

Tuvia is indeed working on his debut novel. But he has still published a little. It’s not a lot, but at least they are few. Basically, he just made this section to have something to grow from.

Short story, “How St. Nicholas Stole Hanukkah.” The most Jewish Christmas story you will ever read.
Language: English
Published: December 2020
Articles for KehilaNews from late 2019, still ongoing
Articles for the Swedish monthly magazine, Shalom Over Israel
Language: Swedish
Release: Continually from 2015 and onwards
Government programs for encouraging the production of renewable electricity. Bachelor’s Thesis in Economy, the Open University of Israel.
Language: Hebrew
Release: 2015
Tuvia wrote three of the 366 anonymous devotions in “My Brother’s Keeper.” A daily devotional for every day of the year with a unique Middle Eastern perspective.
Language: English, Hebrew and Arabic
Publisher: Bible Society in Israel
Release: 2012
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