My Debut Novel

The Secret Scroll of Magdala part 1 – the War

The Secret Scroll of Magdala part 2 – the Hope

“The Secret Scroll of Magdala – the War” is the first part. As the war breaks out, Menachem hides a secret scroll before the Romans arrive. His daughter Judith joins the Jewish rebels, and on the other side of the war we meet Cornelius’ grandson Servius who is a Christian Roman soldier. We also get to know Daniel, a Nazarene Jewish scribe from Jericho. Will they survive the war and find the scroll? How will Servius act when his duty calls for him to destroy the temple of the God he believes in? The novel is filled with mysterious scrolls, supernatural elements, love, betrayal, war and death.

The second book is about the reestablishment of Magdala, and the relations of the Nazarene Jews with the Pharisee Jews, as well as internal trouble with false prophets.

The books are written from an Evangelical Christian Jewish point of view, but I believe they will appeal to anyone. They are based on my personal faith and worldview, which means that not everyone will agree that this is indeed what the early church looked like and believed.

I have used Roman, Christian and Jewish sources for these books, including Josephus Flavius, writings of early church fathers, legends from the Talmud, etc. Among the real characters who lived during this time, you will meet people like rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai of Yavne, Ignatius of Antioch, Josephus Flavius, etc. I have also consulted a number of historical experts and visited many of the sites and excavations where the story takes place.

It is similar to books by writers like Francine Rivers, Roseanna White, Bodie Thoene, Sandi Rog or Lew Wallace, but with the Jewishness of Milton Steinberg, Yochi Brandes and Miriam Feinberg Vamosh.

This book is especially useful as an “antidote” for Christians who have read books like the “da Vinci Code” and other similar novels. Was Mary Magdalene really Jesus’ wife? (Spoiler alert – no she wasn’t).

So what is my faith, on which these books are based? I believe in the faith of my Jewish forefathers, and the books that my people created. The entire Bible, the Old and New Testaments. Some would call me an Evangelical Baptist Christian Jew. Some would prefer the term Messianic Jew, as I keep the Jewish holidays rather than the Christian ones. To me, however, which label you choose to put on me doesn’t really matter. In many ways, I use my writing as an outlet for my own search for identity as both a Jew and a Christian.

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