Feedback guidelines

If you subscribed to the emails before June 30th and you want to send me feedback on my writing, and essentially be a beta reader, that’s wonderful! All you need to do is to hit “reply” on one of the emails you get from me. You can either tell me about specific issues in certain chapters, or tell me more broadly about what you like and dislike so far. Do not send feedback through social media – email only.

1) Be critical. I want to minimize bad critical reviews once the book is published. If you find problematic issues but neglect to tell me because you want to be nice, you are not helping. Critics will tear it to pieces once it’s out. Help me to fix the issues instead.
2) Be constructive. Instead of saying “this part was boring”, tell me what made it boring. Which parts would you rather have skipped, and why. Instead of saying “this character is annoying”, tell me what makes him/her annoying.
3) If you have a personal issue that could affect your view, let me know. If for example you always hate love scenes in general, let me know before you criticize a love scene in my book.
4) In Swedish, sentences are usually longer. Have I left some sentences too long that should rather be broken down into shorter ones? Or have I overdone it, and made too short sentences?
5) Pay extra attention to language issues, grammar, word usage, punctuation, overused words and expressions, etc.
6) Please please outweigh the criticism with some flattering words as well… pretty please…

Also, if you don’t know exactly how and what to write me, maybe try to answer these questions:
1) Did any part feel boring? What would make it better?
2) Do you feel you get to know the characters? Does it feel like they change and develop throughout the book?
3) Are the dialogues flowing? Do they feel natural?
4) Does any name ever come up that makes you think “who/what is that?” Something I thought the reader should know by now, but you don’t?
5) Does it ever feel like I explain too much, and don’t leave enough room for your imagination or interpretation?
6) Do I ever expect too much from the reader? Do I assume knowledge about the Bible or the land of Israel that you don’t have? Or on the contrary, do I explain too much stuff you already know, which makes you feel like I am over-explaining?
7) Which character did you like best? Do you identify with any of them? Why? How?
8) Did you feel at the end of every chapter that you wanted to read more?
9) Which scene was your favourite? Why?
10) Which character did you dislike the most? Why?
11) How is my grammar, spelling, sentence structure? Did I miss anything? Is the English flowing?

Again, there are absolutely no demands to do this, you are welcome to subscribe and just read for fun. But if you decide to send me feedback – it would be very helpful if you follow these guidelines, and think of these questions. You can answer just a few of them, none of them, or all of them. It’s entirely up to you.

But IF you send me good and helpful criticism, and IF the book is ever published, you just might see your name under the “thank you” section at the end.

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