Writing on my vacation?

There are many reasons why I write. None of them are good reasons to use my vacation time to write. Actually, I could find two good reasons not to:

1) Working, writing, studying, earning money, advancing a career, are not supposed to be goals in themselves. They are all means to achieve something more important – spending time with family and people I care about.

2) I want to incorporate my writing into my day-to-day routine. Which means doing it on my vacation would be counter productive. I need to program my brain to see writing as a regular thing. Not as a vacation thing.

We had an amazing vacation week with family from Sweden visiting. We went to Jerusalem’s botanical garden. We visited the City of David (the actual Jerusalem of Old Testament times) and walked in a 2,700 year old tunnel. We hanged out in the pool, went to Ikea, you know… all the typical vacation-y things. We also celebrated my oldest son’s 15th birthday.

Now I’m back at working, and I will try to use this opportunity to get better at life. I have made a list of ten things I want to do every day, writing being one of them, and I will give myself a score on whether I did it or not. One point for every task achieved, so a maximum ten points per day. And before you tell me that I’m just stressing myself out – relaxing is on the list.

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