Staycation in Jerusalem

If you can’t afford a vacation every year, the best thing you can do is to live in the best place in the world. Which is what I do.

Next week both me and my wife will take a week off work and be with family. A welcome break from everyday life. My parents are visiting and we have a few things planned.

Amongst others, we will try to relax and find a nice place with a view where we can relax and do nothing. Setting up an 8-hour “birdsong and peaceful river” on youtube on a big screen TV in the living room is nice, but I am hearing that there are places outside where you can actually get it without ads.

But there will also be some Bible study with the kids. No, not reading (although that too), but rather taking them to some places in our hometown where the Bible happened, reading the verses and talking about it.

And maybe also walk in some ancient tunnels. Because that’s what you can do when you happen to live in the best place in the world.

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