The sunflower

This photo was taken this morning on our balcony. We will soon have full grown sunflowers.

When my daughter said she wanted to take some of the sunflower seeds in the gerbil’s food and plant on the balcony, I rolled my eyes and said “sure,” pretty convinced that nothing would grow except a few weeds.

My wife on the other hand, who had some experience with sunflowers in the past, knew that it would probably succeed.

They were right, and I was wrong. The flower is about to bloom, and it will be beautiful

I caught myself having too little faith. I think I am like that in my spiritual life as well. I want to have human solutions, grounded on earth, knowing exactly how to accomplish and solve future challenges. But sometimes, all we need to do is plant seeds of prayer and have faith. Sometimes we need to expect the miraculous. Sometimes we should look back to all the times God delivered us in the past and have faith in him.

“Great is thy Faithfullness” is the name of a well known hymn, but also the title of my grandfather’s memoirs. (Deine Treue ist Gross). His life was marked by God’s faithfullness as he lived under the brutal rule of the third reich, and was miraculously saved out of Germany in 1939 through the efforts of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

If God is faithful in these big things, how much more in the small?

But it has to start with us. Prayer moves things. Taking steps of faith. God doesn’t call us to just sit back and do nothing. Faith needs to have an actual practical implementation. If I have faith I will go to Hawaii next year, I will pack my bags today. If I have faith there will be a sunflower on my balcony in a month, I will plant the seed today. If I have faith I will be a published author before I turn 40 I will spend the years needed to write the actual book.

Let’s have faith that God can and will move things in our life in miraculous ways. And let’s take that first step of faith.

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