Summer vacation, website changes and ancient scrolls

Our kids have officially started their summer vacation. My website no longer allows signing up to read my book. And I am rewriting a chapter of mysteries and ancient scrolls.

My genius 9-year old son started his summer vacation by making his own telescope and gazing at the stars. In general, the kids tend to learn more during the summer, when they are not restricted by school. That’s why we used to homeschool for many years, until we couldn’t keep going.

I have closed my mailing list now. It is no longer possible to sign up and get two chapters of my book once in a while, as I keep rewriting. Now the website is no longer focused on getting people to sign up. It’s more about my general vision for my writing project and idea, and where I see myself in 2060.

I recently finished rewriting chapter 21 and 22. Chapter 21 is all about how my characters dig deep in the scriptures to find secret knowledge about God’s nature. That is a challenging chapter to write. It needs to convey all the relevant theological points, without being too preachy. I am doing my best to convey it all through a mysterious athmosphere of ancient scrolls, oil lamps and discovery of ancient mystery. I expect to release it during the coming week.

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