My vision

We all need goals in life right? So what is the goal of my writing, what am I trying to accomplish?

My goal is to write a series of independent books of historical fiction with stories that together will span generations from the time of Jesus until today.

Imagine, one story set in ancient Rome. Another one in the Byzantine Empire in the 400s. Another one during the time of the Crusaders. Maybe another one about the Jews in China in the 13th century. One about the writing of the Talmud in the 4th century in Babylon. Maybe one about the ancient Ethiopian Christians. Maybe one about the Jewish pirates in the Caribbean. A bunch of stories set during the inquisitions, the exploration age, the Holocaust, colonialism, modern Israel, etc. You can either read them all chronologically, or just pick an era that you like and read that. One thing is for sure. All my books will deal with religion, and the complicated relations between Jews and Christians. They will also all be from my Jewish Christian Evangelical Baptist worldview.

My goal is to have written all of that by 2060.

“The Secret Scroll of Magdala” is the first one.

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